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Training about blogging

Posted by Jen Lee Reeves on September 6, 2008

I spent the morning and early afternoon training a portion of our blogging teams. Our freshmen honors students have a chance to blog, shoot video and photography using a blog… For many, it’s a new experience.

We discussed tone… What is the appropriate way to talk to you, the reader. We discussed how to use our blog system, shooting video and places we can upload all of our content. It’s a HUGE process and I look forward to finding out how much content we really can collect during the big centennial event.

I’m lucky to have a small group of undergraduate students who will help me go through all of the media we collect and continue to add video and photos beyond the event. It’s an opportunity I haven’t had before. In most cases I attend a big event, blog, shoot photos and video and make sure it all gets uploaded before the event ends. I’ve found in most cases there is no chance to focus on that material after the event ends. Luckily I have extra hands to help me this time around. I hope we can go through all of the content we gather, classify and distribute it in as many ways we can think of. It should be fun!

If you plan on attending the centennial, leave a comment! Share a link where you plan to blog or tweet about this big week. The more the merrier!


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