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Photos and more photos!

Posted by Jen Lee Reeves on September 8, 2008

While KOMU has a great series on journalism and the Missourian is prepping us for the big event, I’m stunned by the quality photography that is starting to appear in our centennial Flickr photo pool.

This photo was taken by Dak Dillon who is a freshman honors journalism student who is helping with the coverage of the centennial. He’s already toured the new Reynolds Journalism Institute and parts of the renovated Missouri School of Journalism. I’m thrilled to get to work with Dak and his 100 or so classmates who will help with this blog. Each of them have really interesting stories on how they came to Columbia to learn more about journalism or strategic communications. Learn about Dak by visitng his professional photography website or his new photo blog that he launched at the start of the school year. You can also share photos in the Centennial Flickr pool. Just join Flickr, become a member of the group pool and add your photos. (More details are here)

I’d love to hear why you came to the J-School. I actually transferred here from Syracuse University! I wanted more hands on experience. That’s exactly what I’m giving to this huge group of freshmen and the handful of upperclassmen who plan to post varying content on this blog. Other will help me manage the massive crowd of students working on capturing the lessons and discussions during the centennial.

I feel like I’ve spent days and days and days of planning and I still don’t think I feel ready! I do look forward to hearing the stories you tell our students as they interview you for our YouTube project and those notes you leave here on this blog!


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