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Walter Williams Feed

Posted by dblanchard on September 9, 2008

As I’ve been preparing for the Centennial this week, I’ve been emailing with friends, discussing “must see” places.

KOMU made every list, we want to visit the State Capitol and the just-as-institutional Phill Brooks. We discussed a few old hangouts — but for me one group of destinations is paramount: eateries.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel many places around the world — and I’ve found a favorite restaurant almost everywhere I’ve been.
Here are a few of my Columbia favorites that come to mind:

  • Addisons for appetizers
  • Booches’ burgers
  • Flat Branch
  • Ernie’s for Breakfast

Of course, we’ll gorge on pizza at Shakespeare’s. And we might even spend a late night at the Diner — I spent more time there during college than I’d like to admit.
If anybody has any other suggestions, or places I surely forgot — please share. What are you looking forward to the most?

While I expect the food to be great — I’m most excited about the people: seeing friends from school, other alumni who have helped me along the way, and meeting others who have shared in the Mizzou J-School experience over the years.


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  1. E said

    I added the places I loved on my blog. Though I was there years ago… so maybe some aren’t around anymore.

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