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First Impressions

Posted by dblanchard on September 10, 2008

We made it in this afternoon — stopped by the State Capitol and KOMU along the way and saw many of the faculty and staff who help make the Mizzou experience so valuable. It was nice to see thriving newsrooms, and listen in on a few lessons it can be hard to remember in the “real world.”

It is really a great thing going here.

Next stop was the Reynolds Institute. The new facilities are amazing — quite a departure from a falling apart Walter Williams hall I enjoyed as a student. I’m excited to see what everything is used for.

The check-in process was more efficient than I imagined the J-school could muster. Though the student worker who personally berated me and my friends was not a positive.

I’m very much looking forward to the barbecue tonight — and all of the events the rest of the week.


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