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KETC/Channel 9 is on its way from St. Louis!

Posted by Angela Smith on September 11, 2008

Hello readers and fellow bloggers! I can feel the energy of the Centennial Celebration all the way in St. Louis, where I’m tying up a few loose ends before I embark on my mini road trip to Mizzou. I’ll be blogging this afternoon and tomorrow for KETC/Channel 9, St. Louis’ PBS affiliate.

The Channel 9 staff has been excited about this event for months, and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold! We’ve got a crew assembled to take video of all 27 sessions of tomorrow’s technology summit, and we’ll be taping the President’s Forum for use in a future broadcast.

We all agree that the J-School Centennial is a tremendous opportunity for public media to share these valuable thoughts and ideas about the future of communications with the community at large.

KETC is streaming tomorrow’s events on our site: www.ketc.org. You can also view streaming coverage on University of Missouri-St. Louis’ site: www.umsl.edu.

That’s enough for now. I’ve got to get on the road!


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