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The Grand Collaboration: Radio, Television & Ivory Tower

Posted by Suvro Banerji on September 11, 2008







Innovations are gripping every radio/television operations. The stations are experimenting with new technologies and using different news gathering tools. There is a lot of emphasis in delivering news through mobile devices. This seminar threw light on leading international news and information companies that are redefining the concept of mass media journalists who are able to report on all platforms.

Dave Smith, an alumni and CEO of SmithGeiger feels that the broadcast managements aren’t just thinking about issues with the concept of one-man bands. “Quicker isn’t necessarily better,” Smith said. “They also have to be good story-tellers.” Beat-reporting is falling apart in local news industry and it is an unfortunate plight.

The news stations are gradually shifting towards consumer generated news. New forms of media like iReport and cell phone videos are not only faster in nature, but they also empower Americans with the ability to engage directly with other viewers thus showcasing the raw, firsthand accounts of the news stories.

But how do the colleges and universities plan to teach the next generation of broadcast journalists? “Technology is cool, embrace it,” Smith said. “Journalism itself is not changing; it is just changing its form. It is still about fundamental skills and so it is important to bring back the passion of Television/Radio news.”


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