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Thursday Morning

Posted by Allan James Vestal on September 11, 2008

Wow, three and a half hours have really flown by! I started out today poking around the new buildings. I’ve probably been in the new complex every other day since late August, but it still fascinates and excites me to be here. Started off looking at the lab in the basement, where reps from Current were set up. Saw an amazing 20-minute investigative feature on neo-Nazis in Russia (titled “From Russia with Hate,” video online here, as well as submitted stories from around the world. Not to mention, of course, that I got a fair bit of Current ‘swag’ for registering…

Next was a showcase for Wallowr, a web application that ties together member updates from social sites like YouTube and Digg into a single, manageable destination. The service was created last year by four Mizzou students as a part of a development contest for the then-unreleased Adobe Air frameworks. During their presentation, the students expressed a sentiment I had been feeling for a time: that the opportunities afforded to students here at Mizzou (in the Air contest as well as the upcoming iPhone App Competition and others) are incredible, and largely unmatched anywhere else.

More later on the Newspaper Next 2.0 session. But for now, my next session is starting! Check the Centennial Twitter page for the most recent updates from the J-School! Bye for now!


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