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Radio/TV Class of ’71 Secures Room Dedicated to Beloved Professor

Posted by Katie Prince on September 13, 2008

by Katie Prince

The Radio/TV class of 1971 met on Thursday at The Wine Cellar & Bistro, a dimly-lit, charming restaurant on Cherry Street. While there, my group and I managed to talk with some of the alumni about the dedication of the Dr. Edward C. Lambert Seminar Room in the new Reynolds Journalism Institute. Lambert, who pioneered the broadcast movement in the early seventies, was not slotted to receive a room in his name in the new building. When Nan Bauroth discovered that from the Alumni newsletter earlier this year, she wrote a letter to the editor detailing why Dr. Lambert deserved a room. A classmate that she had not kept in touch with, Paul Fiddick, read her letter and agreed – so much so that he began to try to raise money for one. Within fifteen days, he had gathered $300,000 in support of the new room. As Ms. Bauroth says, “it [the speed of the fundraising] speaks to the nature of Dr. Lambert and his legacy.”

As we spoke with the alumni, it became clear just the effect that Dr. Lambert had on the lives of his pupils. Each of them spoke of his lasting legacy and alluded to the parallel between the broadcast of their generation and the burgeoning digital media industry of today. Most had positive things to say about the future of journalism and have in fact stayed up-to-date with the newest technology. Mike Wheeler, in his youth Dr. Lambert’s graduate assistant, helped to launch “Jacked“, a website that allows its viewers to follow the Missouri Tigers by chatting with Missourian reporters at the games.

Overwhelmingly, the Radio/TV class of 1971 had high hopes for the future of journalism, a relatively rare outlook these days. They see the changing industry – the switch to digital – as an opportunity rather than the disintegration of “real” journalism because thirty-seven years ago, they were standing on the same precipice as print shifted into broadcast, which is now one of the foremost journalistic industries.


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Sprouting Interest in Agricultural Journalism

Posted by Jill Kline on September 12, 2008

Although agricultural journalism is not technically part of the journalism school, the achievements are just as numerous and noteworthy as those in any other journalism sequence. The Agriculture Journalism reunion was a chance for students and alumni to celebrate successes and discuss the future of Agricultural Journalism.

The Thursday evening get-together included food and fellowship as well as presentations from faculty and current students. Proud grins spread across the faces of attendees as Tom Payne, Vice Chancellor for Agriculture and Dean of the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, spoke about the most recent developments of the school, which included a new focus area on Food and Wine.

Current Agricultural Journalism major and president of Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, Rachel Duff, also spoke. She recognized the many Mizzou Ag-J students who placed in the national Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Critique and Awards. Overall, Mizzou students brought in over twelve different awards.

Agricultural Journalism may not be well-known yet; but it is definitely a growing interest. The school boasts their largest number of students ever, and with new advancements each year the trend shows no sign of stopping.


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Let’s Party Like It’s 1967 (and 8)

Posted by Elizabeth Rinehart on September 12, 2008

The excietment was evident in the air last night, Wednesday September the 11th, at the Reynolds Alumni Center for the 1967 and 68 class reunions. As I walked to the reception, I saw old friends reuniting and reminiscing about their college experience.

How was it different back then? Well, for one, according to an atendee, there were only 230 people in class! Sure is different from the thousands we have now… Also, some members of the class of 68 were the firsts to live in co-ed dorm groups (Schurz for women and Hatch for men!) Before this, dorm groups were single-sex (such as Hudson and Gillett for men and Laws and Lathrop for women.) It is through the co-ed dorm ‘areas’ that two members of the class of 68, Neal and Valerie Barry, met. They were set up on a blind date and married in September 1966 and just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary and now reside in Alexandria, Virginia!

When I left right before dinner started, I could see the happiness on the faces of the alumni. As the night progressed, I’m sure many happy memories were shared that contributed to this events’ success.

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Spirit of ’77

Posted by Mike Robertson on September 11, 2008

By Nick Berry and Mike Robertson

The University of Missouri broadcast alumni of the Class of 1977 met at The Country Club of Missouri to celebrate their reunion Thursday September 11th. The atmosphere was comfortable, with a strong sense of camaraderie between former classmates, clapping each other on the shoulder, and raising wine glasses. Among the distinguished former students was Art Holliday, the current morning anchor for KSDK in St. Louis. He spoke highly of his time at Missouri and recalled his experiences working at the campus radio station. In addition, he praised his instructors as well as the connections he made through “Mizzou Mafia.” The difference between Missouri and other schools, he added, was that students graduate being able to do multiple things, allowing them to be productive members of any newsroom.

Another notable alumni was former sportscaster Dan O’Brien who recently left the broadcasting industry to become a freelance writer and is currently working on a screenplay about the promotional side of baseball. In the spirit of the night, O’Brien joked, “How many j-school students does it take to screw in a lightbulb?…about 400. One to screw it in and 399 to report on it.”

In addition to Mr. O’Brien, many other alumni have decided to leave broadcasting, because “the business is changing.” O’Brien elaborated by saying, “If you can get a story right and get it first, that’s great. But it’s more important to get it right than to get it first.” John Bisney, former employee of CNN radio, stated that although he changed professions, Mizzou taught him the indispensable skills of how to write, multi-task and meet deadlines. Even outside of the journalism world, the skills he picked up from Mizzou’s practical curriculum have taken him a long way. Mr. Bisney advises students to “keep that fire in your belly,” and maintain the passion to follow whatever career you are interested in.

On the more somber side, Dave Rickey felt the urge to leave the business because it became “all consuming” and he wanted to start a family. After settling down, he joined the field of Public Relations, and upon reflection he admires the drive of today’s journalism students over those from other fields because of their high professionalism and strong sense of getting things done on deadline.

Although Rickey and many other Class of ’77 alumni have since left the world of broadcasting, they feel there will always be a need for journalism, because information is power.

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