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If you’re attending the Centennial and Dedication events at the Missouri School of Journalism, you have a chance to try a tool you may have never heard of. It’s called Twitter.

Twitter is a free social networking site that lets you post quick updates about what you are doing, seeing, reading, writing or texting. If you’ve ever updated your status on Facebook, you can consider Twitter the same thing but offer ways to connect and talk to people you never met before.

During the centennial, we plan to use Twitter to quickly share moments, links and mentions of events. You can follow it by visiting http://www.twitter.com/jschool. If you join Twitter and want to try “tweeting” during the event, be sure to click on the word “Follow” on the J-School Twitter page when you’re signed into your account. That will tip us off that you’re keeping track of the centennial and we might follow you to keep up with your experiences during the event or your experiences away from the event!

Some twitter members worth following during the event:

If you plan to tweet, please add the tag: #mizzou so we can keep track of the entire event online.

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