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Photos on Flickr

This Page explains how you can share your photos of this event on Flickr.

If you share your photos to the Centennial and Dedication group, your photos could be used in the commemorative books published after the event.

If you’re curious how it works, here are the steps you can take to contribute to this photo pool.

1. Become a member of Flickr. You can use your Yahoo account if you already have one.

2. If you would like to share your photos with the centennial blog and be considered for the commemorative book, please change your Creative Commons license. To learn the different types of Creative Commons licenses, visit this Flickr link. If you already have a Flickr account, this is the link you can use to change your Creative Commons license. We recommend using the Attribution Creative Commons license.

3. Once you’ve set your Creative Commons license, visit the Centennial Dedication Flickr group. If you’re signed into Flickr, you can click on the “Join This Group” link on the right side under the words “Centennial and Dedication 2008”

4. Upload your photos to your Flickr account. When you click on each individual picture, you can see an icon above the photo called “Send to Group.” Then choose the Centennial Dedication group to add your photo. Remember, you have to already join the group to be able to add your photo.

5. Have fun!!!

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