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Radio/TV Class of ’71 Secures Room Dedicated to Beloved Professor

Posted by Katie Prince on September 13, 2008

by Katie Prince

The Radio/TV class of 1971 met on Thursday at The Wine Cellar & Bistro, a dimly-lit, charming restaurant on Cherry Street. While there, my group and I managed to talk with some of the alumni about the dedication of the Dr. Edward C. Lambert Seminar Room in the new Reynolds Journalism Institute. Lambert, who pioneered the broadcast movement in the early seventies, was not slotted to receive a room in his name in the new building. When Nan Bauroth discovered that from the Alumni newsletter earlier this year, she wrote a letter to the editor detailing why Dr. Lambert deserved a room. A classmate that she had not kept in touch with, Paul Fiddick, read her letter and agreed – so much so that he began to try to raise money for one. Within fifteen days, he had gathered $300,000 in support of the new room. As Ms. Bauroth says, “it [the speed of the fundraising] speaks to the nature of Dr. Lambert and his legacy.”

As we spoke with the alumni, it became clear just the effect that Dr. Lambert had on the lives of his pupils. Each of them spoke of his lasting legacy and alluded to the parallel between the broadcast of their generation and the burgeoning digital media industry of today. Most had positive things to say about the future of journalism and have in fact stayed up-to-date with the newest technology. Mike Wheeler, in his youth Dr. Lambert’s graduate assistant, helped to launch “Jacked“, a website that allows its viewers to follow the Missouri Tigers by chatting with Missourian reporters at the games.

Overwhelmingly, the Radio/TV class of 1971 had high hopes for the future of journalism, a relatively rare outlook these days. They see the changing industry – the switch to digital – as an opportunity rather than the disintegration of “real” journalism because thirty-seven years ago, they were standing on the same precipice as print shifted into broadcast, which is now one of the foremost journalistic industries.


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Let’s Party Like It’s 1967 (and 8)

Posted by Elizabeth Rinehart on September 12, 2008

The excietment was evident in the air last night, Wednesday September the 11th, at the Reynolds Alumni Center for the 1967 and 68 class reunions. As I walked to the reception, I saw old friends reuniting and reminiscing about their college experience.

How was it different back then? Well, for one, according to an atendee, there were only 230 people in class! Sure is different from the thousands we have now… Also, some members of the class of 68 were the firsts to live in co-ed dorm groups (Schurz for women and Hatch for men!) Before this, dorm groups were single-sex (such as Hudson and Gillett for men and Laws and Lathrop for women.) It is through the co-ed dorm ‘areas’ that two members of the class of 68, Neal and Valerie Barry, met. They were set up on a blind date and married in September 1966 and just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary and now reside in Alexandria, Virginia!

When I left right before dinner started, I could see the happiness on the faces of the alumni. As the night progressed, I’m sure many happy memories were shared that contributed to this events’ success.

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The Frank Lee Miller Journalism Library

Posted by Allie Spillyards on September 12, 2008

For two hours on Friday afternoon faculty and alumni authors filtered in and out of the Frank Lee Miller Journalism Library. They came to meet and mingle with their peers, and to enjoy refreshments and conversation in the newly furnished Library. Many seemed disappointed to find that their books were not in the Library because they are temporarily being displayed in the school bookstore for the centennial event. 

The Library, the oldest of its kind, has been moved to and refurnished in the new Reynolds Journalism Institute. The two story library provides faculty, staff, and students alike with advanced technological resources. The Library provides access to iMAC’s, laptops, scanners, printers, iPod Touches, and video equipment. Space is efficiently used with privacy screens in the study areas, conference rooms, and moveable stacks. Collections of newspapers and magazines fill the shelves of the Library. 

With the Library’s move from a basement to this new and prominent home, it is hoped that faculty, staff, and students will use the Library as a more welcoming place to study and work.

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The Opening to my Centennial Experience

Posted by Grace Lillard on September 10, 2008

I have been told that the purpose of this blog is to tell the story of the Missouri J-School Centennial through the words of the next generation of aspiring young journalists.  This experience is giving us a chance to see what we can do.  It is also giving the rest of the world a glimpse at what is rising up to meet it.

I wasn’t assigned to cover the BBQ Bash or the Opening Ceremonies, but something happened to me there that rocked my freshman world, and I want to share it with everyone else who is in my position.

Being surrounded by so many talented people tonight was enough to make me more than a little shy.  But somehow I found myself at the front of a group of students clustered around Ken Paulson, the editor of USA Today.  He shook my hand and introducing himself, said, “I’m Ken Paulson, with USA Today.”  I was struck with the thought, “Wow. This is what a real journalist sounds like.”  Being freshmen with relatively no experience in the actual field of journalism, presented with an incredible resource for information, we of course asked him about the most important thing on our minds.  “Do you have any advice for students deciding between a career in newspaper or magazines?”  Very life or death topic.

His answer, however, was one that may have a very real effect on my life.  He explained, in a very passionate voice to his audience of students, that our focus in school should not be on choosing between the newspaper and magazine industries.  The most valuable thing we can do, he said, is to learn how to write, and learn how to write well.  Across all media today, there is a desperate need for people who can convey messages to the public accurately and fluently.  Those that succeed are the ones with talent, but most importantly those with heart.

My greatest desire is to write.  Hearing from an esteemed journalist that that desire is what really matters reminds me of why I am here.  I am here to learn from the best and hope to join them in this profession.  So everyone who is doubting whether they have what it takes, know that in the end, all it takes is the nerve to introduce yourself and the heart to follow through.

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Walter Williams Feed

Posted by dblanchard on September 9, 2008

As I’ve been preparing for the Centennial this week, I’ve been emailing with friends, discussing “must see” places.

KOMU made every list, we want to visit the State Capitol and the just-as-institutional Phill Brooks. We discussed a few old hangouts — but for me one group of destinations is paramount: eateries.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel many places around the world — and I’ve found a favorite restaurant almost everywhere I’ve been.
Here are a few of my Columbia favorites that come to mind:

  • Addisons for appetizers
  • Booches’ burgers
  • Flat Branch
  • Ernie’s for Breakfast

Of course, we’ll gorge on pizza at Shakespeare’s. And we might even spend a late night at the Diner — I spent more time there during college than I’d like to admit.
If anybody has any other suggestions, or places I surely forgot — please share. What are you looking forward to the most?

While I expect the food to be great — I’m most excited about the people: seeing friends from school, other alumni who have helped me along the way, and meeting others who have shared in the Mizzou J-School experience over the years.

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