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Radio/TV Class of ’71 Secures Room Dedicated to Beloved Professor

Posted by Katie Prince on September 13, 2008

by Katie Prince

The Radio/TV class of 1971 met on Thursday at The Wine Cellar & Bistro, a dimly-lit, charming restaurant on Cherry Street. While there, my group and I managed to talk with some of the alumni about the dedication of theĀ Dr. Edward C. Lambert Seminar Room in the new Reynolds Journalism Institute. Lambert, who pioneered the broadcast movement in the early seventies, was not slotted to receive a room in his name in the new building. When Nan Bauroth discovered that from the Alumni newsletter earlier this year, she wrote a letter to the editor detailing why Dr. Lambert deserved a room. A classmate that she had not kept in touch with, Paul Fiddick, read her letter and agreed – so much so that he began to try to raise money for one. Within fifteen days, he had gathered $300,000 in support of the new room. As Ms. Bauroth says, “it [the speed of the fundraising] speaks to the nature of Dr. Lambert and his legacy.”

As we spoke with the alumni, it became clear just the effect that Dr. Lambert had on the lives of his pupils. Each of them spoke of his lasting legacy and alluded to the parallel between the broadcast of their generation and the burgeoning digital media industry of today. Most had positive things to say about the future of journalism and have in fact stayed up-to-date with the newest technology. Mike Wheeler, in his youth Dr. Lambert’s graduate assistant, helped to launch “Jacked“, a website that allows its viewers to follow the Missouri Tigers by chatting with Missourian reporters at the games.

Overwhelmingly, the Radio/TV class of 1971 had high hopes for the future of journalism, a relatively rare outlook these days. They see the changing industry – the switch to digital – as an opportunity rather than the disintegration of “real” journalism because thirty-seven years ago, they were standing on the same precipice as print shifted into broadcast, which is now one of the foremost journalistic industries.


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Dedication to the Father of KOMU

Posted by Gretchen Mahan on September 11, 2008

Alumni gathered on Thursday in the Reynolds Journalism Institute for the dedication of the Dr. Edward C. Lambert Seminar Room.

Organized by two of Lambert’s former students from the graduating class of ’71, Paul Fiddick and Michael Wheeler, the dedication began with Dean Mills’ giving a short biography of Lambert.

After serving in them military, Lambert received his Ph. D. from the University of Missouri, staying to teach for many years. Lambert is most remembered for his founding of KOMU-TV in 1953, the television network that continues to serve Columbia with news. However, his students also remember him for his willingness to always lend a helping hand.

Throughout the ceremony, Lambert was described with such honoring titles as as kind man, genuine gentleman, and scholar.

Lambert’s family, including his wife and two daughters, was able to attend the event in his honor. When asked what the dedication meant to her, daughter Barbara Lambert Reichel answered with tears in her eyes, “The world.”

“I can’t tell you just how much this has filled my heart and soul,” she said.

Ella Lambert, now ninety-four years old and confined to a wheelchair, was also touched by the dedication.

“I feel so delighted to hear people appreciate him,” she said.

Fiddick and Wheeler decided to organize the dedication because of the closeness they felt to their former professor.

Wheeler mentioned that one of Lambert’s former students said he felt obligated to contribute to the dedication because, he was “one of Ed’s boys.”

Fiddick said that the process of the dedication began as simply that, a dedication to a great professor. But as the process progressed, it changed into something different.

“This became recognizing the humanity of Ed Lambert,” Fiddick said.

Fiddick believed Lambert needed to be acknowledged for the service he had given MU and his students.

“Ed’s contribution to the school had never been adequately recognized,” he said.

Hopefully now, with a room in the new Reynolds Journalism Institute named in his honor, Lambert will continually be recognized for his service to Mizzou for years to come.

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