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No answer to meet new media challenges, but there’s definitely hope

Posted by Suvro Banerji on September 11, 2008

(from left) Brady Deaton, Maria Alfaro, Bruno Patino, Dean Mills

Alright, just got back from the Future’s Forum. Educating the Next generation posed a very important question: How do we meet the rising challenges of new media. We had three distinguished guests in our panel representing three different models of journalism from three different countries: Maria Alfaro from University of Navarra School of Communication (Spain), Bruno Patino from Sciences Po (Paris, France) and Dean Mills, dean of Missouri School of Journalism.

Alfaro and Patino are facing similar challenges we are facing here. The new media in the internet age is challenging traditional news media like newspapers, radio and even television. Columbia Missourian is facing financial challenges, but so are other newspapers.

So how do we fix this problem? The panelists really didn’t have a specific answer. “There’s an enormous commonality in approaching these challenges,” Mills said.

One thing was evident though- there’s hope- hope to fix these challenges, hope to embrace the new era, hope to make things better. The Reynold’s Journalism Institute will be destination to meet those challenges.


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