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Posted by Jen Lee Reeves on September 11, 2008

I love journalism. I’ve had an innate love of journalism since I announced my plans to be a journalists when I was six years old at the dinner table with my family. When I transferred to the Missouri School of Journalism from Syracuse back in the 90’s, I never realized how important this school would be in my life. I learned how to write and combine a love of sounds, images and words to conscisely tell a story. I learned that I loved reporting but a really loved managing journalists. But the moment that really changed me was taking a graduate-level course with Ed Lambeth. I learned about a thing they called public journalism. The concept was bringing newsrooms together in a market and working together to help frame an issue in that town that may be worth inviting the public to discuss and find solutions. I helped tell the stories of how religion plans a role in so many lives in mid-Missouri. I took that experience with me to Bakersfield, CA on my first job and helped launch a project called “Innocents Lost.” My TV station (KBAK) and the Bakersfield Californian helped show the community how methamphetamines were leading to serious child abuse. There was a shift in community awareness. It was an exciting experience.

I held on to a goal to bring a commitment to community involvement and community awareness in all of the newsrooms where I worked. I never really got to use my interests for journalistic good until I started teaching at Mizzou and managing students at KOMU.

As I discovered new and exciting tools that help deliver news and information, I’ve constantly strived to find the most effective ways to use those tools. That’s why I have dozens of freshmen interviewing alumni during the centennial and dozens of other freshmen interivewing alumni about their experiences onto YouTube. It’s a chance to capture great moments… Like when I met Elmer Lower!

But I also got to just watch these freshmen GLOW. They’re doing a fantastic job going above and beyond the call of duty. I love reading the posts, watching the video and seeing the photos they’re sharing. It’s been fun to watch! Go team!!

It brings me back to why I am so excited to help manage all of these students. I LOVE the journalism school and I’m so happy to give my students the chance to experience and amazing week! I have tried as hard as I can to continue engaging the world.


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